Alrighty, y’all, especially those of you are are total strangers to me except for through the blogging world πŸ˜‰ There’s a question I’m going to voice that’s been running around in my head the last few days, and I’m hoping maybe one of y’all will be able to answer it, or at least point me in the right direction.

The question is: have you heard of a single woman, much less a single Mom, making this lifestyle work? I know I’ve read the stories of the single mom’s who’ve built their log or strawbale houses, because they needed affordable, durable housing for themselves and the kids, but I’m talking about truly making a go of homesteading, where you produce what you need to live, or just enough extra to be able to sell to get what you can’t produce. Most every blog I’ve come across is at least a couple, if not a family, making it work, and the blog is usually kept by the wife – but I have come across a couple kept by the guy. I have come across ONE blog kept by a single man of how he makes homesteading work for him.

Soooo, anybody got any input? I’m not asking you to go out searching the www and find a single mom making it work, just asking you to let me know if you know of one (and if so, and she has a blog, what that addy is ;-)).

Thanks, and God bless!