Since I had originally intended to post the “My Do It!” entry (previous) yesterday, and was unable to, I’m making up for it today with an extra post, well, just because I can 😀

Mama LOVES Dogwood trees and has gobs of them all over the property, because they put on such a beautiful show not only in spring, but also in fall. (Minus the guy-wire in the bottom left and the power line at the top :/, ain’t this one purty?) FYI – my raised bed garden is JUST out of the frame on the left 🙂

The guy wire in the 1st pic leads to the “dead tree that’s owned by the power company” aka the power pole, on which I hung this hummingbird feeder. (I thought it was nifty that it looked kinda like a wine bottle, and it was dirt cheap, too!) At first, I hung it on a low-hanging limb of an oak-tree, but the ants cleaned out the 3 cups of solution in less than 3 days! I was not happy 😦

So I looked around for another spot in the yard that had something I could reach that I could hang the feeder on, with NO ANTS! Yay! for the power pole! It took ’em a few days, but they found it again:


(Just wait til I get my new spearmint plant planted; once it starts really producing, I’ll put sprigs ALL around the power pole, then I double-dog-dare ya to get to the hummingbird food!)

JUST underneath the branch of the oak hanging down, in front of the wood pile, is the trunk of the oak to which said branch belongs. The “pile” in the front middle of the two trees is where I get my bark mulch “au natural” (referenced in a previous post). The yellow thing is some random farm equipment tractor attachment. BUT – one of the thing’s I’ve made that I haven’t talked about yet because I can’t take pictures of it yet – Mama’s informed me if I get this spot cleaned up, I can hang my hammock here! Won’t have to worry about grass, and the shade canopy is unbeatable! (Let’s just hope the squirrels don’t decide to pelt me with acorns….)

Another angle, taken from very near the tree trunk you CAN see in the above pic, to show the 2nd tree trunk. You can also see the mulch pile a little bit better.

Pretty bed of spider lilies we saw today:

Slightly closer view of same bed (camera doesn’t zoom):

And does anybody know what this pretty purplish plant is? I got it from 2 different angles:

I love that it’s purple with a pink flower!

And a last note for today – Mama and I saw a Bald Eagle today! I didn’t think we had them in these parts; Mama and I both had to think a minute – wait, what is it? But the white head and white tail feathers gave it away 😀 If I hadn’t been driving down the road at 60 mph almost late for an appointment, I would’ve turned around and tried to get a picture!

God’s unexpected blessings are everywhere, if we’ll just take the time to look!