I feel like the very proud 2-year old who comes out all mis-matched dressed, but DRESSED, and looks up at his Mom and proudly exclaims, “My do it, Mommy!” I FINALLY built (well, took down from where Mama said it could not go, moved and re-built it more sturdily where it CAN go – off of my future outdoor kitchen/patio area across the driveway from my future house), my raised bed garden frame!

Ain’t it bee-you-ti-ful? With the gorgeous cedar tree in the background, and the dogwood tree all dressed out for fall?

Here’s a close-up:

Wait a minute, that looks like….? Yep – CHICKEN WIRE! (Have YOU ever tried nailing into a pallet? Sheesh! As Teddy said “That’s not hard wood, it’s hard-headed wood!”  And of course, the bit of chicken wire I picked that Daddy had laying around wasn’t quite long enough to go all the way around, so I had to get even more inventive 🙂

Huh? What? Baling twine from a pine straw bale 😀

Now for some other pics showing how I attached the chicken wire to the pallets:

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And yes, there’s some rebar in there, too!

I had really hoped to start using this over the winter, and I’ve had to change my plans (see previous post). 😦 I DID figure out about 3 days ago how to save myself a LOT of shoveling, though. Honestly, I only need what – 18″ – 2 feet of dirt, right? So I’m going to fill the bottom with …. used tires! 😀 And that keeps stuff from going into the landfill too! (There’s a little auto repair place on the way to where I do physical therapy; I’m hoping they’ll gladly fill up the bed of my pick-up with some of their “mountain o’ tires” that’s piled behind the building…. Gonna stop and ask next time I go ;-))

And yes, I know, I built it out of pallets and chicken wire. There are holes. Big ones. Which dirt will fall out of. But I’ve been planning for this 😀 I’ve been saving all our cereal-box weight cardboard! (Yes, I know, it’ll eventually decompose, but so will the pallet wood. I’m trying to avoid BENDING which is very bad for my new bionic back. The pallets just-so-happen to be the exact right height for me to reach to the middle from any one side :-)) So once this bad boy is complete (by spring!), I can do my raised-bed, no bend gardening 😀 And I hope it works, b/c I’d like to build LOTS more! There’s lots of veggies I want to grow. And Teddy informed me today that he wants us to grow wheat so that we can make our own bread and stuff (already in the long-range plan, Bud :-))