Okay, first off, the Dawg Walk is NOT a literal place where dogs are walked. Our county’s mascot (there goes that small/rural thing again, one school system for ENTIRE county ;-)) is the Bulldog. And at the Elementary School, they created an Outdoor Classroom, accessed by – the Dawg Walk.

Since today was an early release day (report cards at the ES are given through a conference with the homeroom teacher; somebody made Honor Roll!), 4-H sponsored a clean-up at the Dawg Walk to give the kids and parents something to do while waiting on their scheduled appointment time. LOTS of limbs were carried out, and some muddy and/or uneven areas were smoothed over so that the path would be more accessible.

The one kid who still has a normal looking face belongs to me 🙂 I figured that would be easier than trying to track down all those release forms…. To assist, Teddy’s in the middle on the left-hand side – and yes, they are sitting ON, in front of, and standing behind the pile of limbs they carried out. Now for some fun, pretty pix:

(Yes, I know, some of the pix are slightly fuzzy. A lot of the ones I took today did that. I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact that the camera always flashes combined with the weird shaded effect of being in the trees, when part of the image was in shade, and another part in full sun? My fav is of a girl we go to church with – her face is as clear as can be, but the rest of the pic is fuzzy/blurry.)

Our Wonderful 4-H director













the pretty little trickle stream it runs over









The Outdoor Classroom

(Totally off-topic comment: WOW! I had to preview that about 5 times to get it to show up right in the post….)

MASSIVE Laurel Oak

This is how I know it’s a Laurel Oak 😉

It seems to go UP forever!


God bless!