No physical therapy this morning 😦 Which means no going to the supply store in the other town and no going by the auto repair place to ask about free used tires… I did manage to make a quick run to the grocery store, though.

Why? Teddy is sick. (When he takes a nap – especially of his own free will – 99.9999999999% of the time, I know that he’s getting sick.) Running a fever, nauseous feeling (but thankfully nothing coming up), and he slept solid from 5:30 yesterday afternoon to 8:30 this morning!  Mama had to leave to go with my sister to her son’s 1-month checkup, and since I had planned all these errands figuring on him being in school … well, they’re getting postponed to Monday when I go to PT again. I had just enough time to go to the grocery and get Gatorade (orange – at his request), ginger ale, and juice, and so I picked up a few other necessities while there (gotta have coffee, 1/2 & 1/2, and sugar!), and got some other stuff, too – chicken, broccoli (since I just now have plants in the ground), spinach (since I have NONE in the ground…), etc. Even though he’s pretty much acting normal, he’s running a fever, and I didn’t want to risk getting somebody else sick; if only somebody else would take these precautions, I might not have a sick child…. When I called the pediatricians office to see if he needs to be seen, she said there’s only 3 (THREE!!!) viruses going around now, soft/bland diet, no dairy, and if he doesn’t want to eat, don’t push the issue. But I didn’t need to bring him in (no available appointments anyway) and yes, they’d fax an excuse to the school (I LOVE that! Don’t have to drive 35 minutes one way to sit in a room full of other sick kids, wait on the doctor, and then drive back just to have that all important school excuse).

So anyway, I’m still promising the post of pix about what my garden looks like after planting more stuff, and what a fabulous job my little helper did before he announced that he was tired and fell asleep, and I discovered I had a sick youngun on my hands. And I’ve still got 36 little broccoli starts to get in the dirt (more dirt hauling, yay….), and a couple bundles of onions. But my little garden is starting to take shape 😀