So I thought I’d share with you the path I take in order to bring dirt up to my garden 🙂

(I was originally gonna include this in yesterday’s part 2 post, but I got tired of inserting pix)

As a reminder, I have to walk all the way back into the woods, WA-A-AY back there to go dig dirt.

This pic is taken from the back corner of the lean-to. (See, I told you it was a boat!) Looks even farther away now, doesn’t it!

This is the tall grass I must walk through (at least to take the shortest route). In case you don’t remember, tall grass is to be avoided when at all possible because it houses creepy crawly things like SNAKES which I don’t like. But I like even less hauling dirt any farther than I have to. Note the path I’m making for myself 😉

Just for perspective sake,  this is me standing just behind the boat looking back up towards my garden. If it’ll let you click on the picture, and you look really close, you can see the dog crate some of my stuff is sitting on through the lean-to supports.

Now, turn approx 90* right, walk forward just a bit, and this is what you see:

I suwannee, sometimes I think I could build me a brick house with all the bricks and brick pieces that are scattered throughout the woods. Teddy, wonderful kid that he is, found this shortcut for when we’re working together – it’s just before the big long limb laying at the top of the hill in the previous pic! He turns in here with the buggy (he’s still just short enough to fit under that oak branch), and I take the long way around with the shovels. For now (until I can remember to get down there with the lopers and trim up that limb), if I’m by myself, I go the long route.

I think I was standing just beyond the downed limb at the top of the hill in this one. There used to be a gate here, way back when my Dad had cattle. The big brown “tree trunk” on the left side isn’t a tree trunk, but the other gate post; the limbs hanging down are from some tree really close. This is where I turn when taking the long route.

I usually turn on the inside of the post, but for a reference point, I turned outside it to get it in the pic. We’re ALMOST there; just beyond the pile of brambles/limbs on the ground on the right side is where I get to dig!

We’ve got these little yellow wildflowers EVERYWHERE (aren’t they pretty?), but I adore the purple ones! And I wouldn’t have discovered them if not for “the long route.”


When I dig by myself, I do it on this end. When Teddy’s with me and we take the shortcut, we dig at the upper end. If you look closely at the top middle, you can see the boat through the trees.

And then I get to repeat my steps with a buggy (half) full of dirt 😀