Ok, so in a previous post, I asked if anybody could “name that plant.” Well, it’s been named 😀

It is indeed a Wandering Jew plant, as was suggested in the comments. It’s a different variety, though, than what Mama currently has. The above variety is called the Purple Heart WJ. (I’ll spare you scientific names, largely because in looking on three different websites, I couldn’t find 3 identical scientific names….)

This is a pic of what we have, the variegated Wandering Jew:

You can see why I was skeptical to believe that the two could be the same thing 🙂

And, just because I’m awesome like that, when Teddy said “take a pic of me” as I was taking a pic of the Wj just now, I did! It looks a mite fuzzy because the screen on the porch is between me and him 😉

Y’all have a blessed Sunday!