My pillows are calling my name, so this will be short and sweet.

Teddy and I got some more gardening done today. More stuff to put containers on, and scrounging of containers to put dirt in, and lugging dirt, and some more broccoli starts in the dirt. Pix in a future post (prolly NOT tomorrow *sigh*).

Also, yesterday, I did score my free used tires 😀 The kitties are really thinking I’ve built them a jungle-gym now! Again, pix coming soon.

And I won the CSN stores $75 gift card giveaway sponsored by Thy Hand Hath Provided’s blog! I’m awaiting the Fed-Ex and UPS trucks to bring me the steam canner, canning kit (funnel, lid lifter, tongs, etc), and the fancy jars I ordered 😀

Good night y’all, and God bless!