I hope to begin my adventures in canning today 😀 I found some good recipes for beginners on FreshPreserving.com, sponsored by Ball canning equipment. The reason the recipes are good for beginners is that they only make  enough for 3 pint jars. I plan to try the Sweet Apple Cider Butter (it just sounds yummy!), the Blueberry Syrup (I don’t care for it, but I know my Mom, son, and Mother-in-Law will love it), and the Basil Garlic Tomato Sauce – sounds like it’s gonna make EXCELLENT spaghetti sauce. I know, I know, the point is to preserve food I’VE grown, but I’m not there yet; another reason for the small recipe sizes 😉

I have everything I need, supply-wise, thanks to winning the gift certificate from CSN stores – or, I will once the UPS guy shows up one more time with my steam canner.  (None of Mama’s stock pots is deep enough for water-bath canning; big enough diameter to fit the 3 jars in, yes, but NOT deep enough to cover the jars with the recommended 1″ of water.)  So once the UPS guy gets here (and according to the tracking info, he should), I’ll take pix of my goodies, hopefully as I’m putting them to good use!

Also, the Fed-Ex guy showed up yesterday with all my Tupperware 😀 Now I get to play delivery girl to my wonderful friends and neighbors who ordered from my party, making it possible for me to get so much FREE and 1/2-price stuff! (My reward to me for quitting smoking – Monday will be 17 weeks! Tuesday was hard, it did not go as planned, and I had to make an unexpected trip to and from a doctor 2 hrs away and be back before Teddy got out of school, and I had to pray myself past every, and I do mean EACH and EVERY, gas station that I drove past so I wouldn’t stop and buy some cigarettes, but I didn’t buy any, not even at the one I had to stop at because I did have to get gas! God is SOOO good to us :D) So I’ll take pix of all my Tupperware goodies, too – will actually be using some of it to help process my food for canning. Don’t remember the Tupperware name for it (Quick Chef, maybe?), but hand-cranked food-processor, anyone? 😉

AND, I’m waiting on Facebook friends to comment on my status. Today is Homecoming, and Teddy and I would like to go to the parade. We THINK it’s at 4, but the paper just says “Friday afternoon,” and I don’t want to have to sit and wait for an hour because I’m too early, but I don’t want to miss it either. In a town this small, there’s only a couple big shindigs a year, and Homecoming is a DOOZY, especially the parade.

Okay, so I’ll get going, and start peeling apples or something in preparation for tonight’s festivities in the kitchen 😀

Y’all have a blessed day!