Okay, so I posted my to-do, and want to-to list for today – thought I’d give an update on what actually got done before I go join my pillows….

Go to dentist for 6 month cleaning (blech)  – and I know there’s at least one tooth that’s gonna be coming out, too :((Root canal/crown just ain’t in my budget… but hey, it makes cleaning “the back of the backs” a whole lot easier – thinking positive)

Not actually losing a tooth 😀 Do have to go back in a month for 3 fillings *sigh* and they’re all on the TOP, which means more needle-sticks *shudder*

Go to Goodwill and try and find pants for son who won’t stop growing! This will make 4 pant sizes in 6 months for him – he keeps going bigger around the middle, waiting on him to shoot up to match….

Only managed to find 4 pairs of pants for Teddy, 2 sweats and 2 athletic. But I scored BIG-TIME with another find I’ll talk more about at a later date – give me a good start on the etsy.com sight

Go to shoe store for Mama and see if they carry her sneakers, or if she’s got to order them online (who knew Reebok Classic Leathers would be so hard to find?)

Sneakers purchased, and on sale at that! Also got an ink cartridge for the printer (but not at the shoe store, silly) while I was in “the big city” 😉

Be back in time to pick Teddy up from school

Just a couple minutes late … not officially “late” late, the school buses were still pulling out as I was pulling in. It’s not my fault I had to play “ring around the gas station” because a couple of the pumps had bags over the handles, and people were actually waiting in line.

Take Teddy back to town for 4-H BB practice

Come back home with kidd0 and eat supper

BB practice canceled on account of BAD weather – most of south/central GA was under a tornado watch for the bulk of the day. Supper did get eaten, however – leftovers from the fridge.

And somewhere in there this afternoon, talk to a lady about a job possibility; for my prayer warrior friends, PLEASE be praying that I find a job. Thanks 🙂

Resume submitted! It looks hopeful, and it’s REALLY close to home, too!

Type up rules/chores/rewards list for Teddy

And being totally honest here, type up chore list for me too (cleaning is the bane of my existence, and an area I know I need to let God do a lot of work in me)

Didn’t happen – postponed until tomorrow on account of the super-duper neat-o find at Good-will

Want to do:

Blog post with pix of yummy apple butter for breakfast 😉

At least get cooked, if not canned, tomato sauce

Hauling dirt for garden

Type up crochet burp cloth pattern so I’ve got it to sell in my etsy.com store

Create said etsy.com store

Ummm, yeah, none of that happened. But now I’ve got really good incentive to get the etsy store going, that will get done tomorrow I hope. Also sharing with y’all the yummy wonderfulness of Apple Butter on Homemade Bread, too. And GOTTA cook the tomato sauce.

Night, y’all!