Thank you God, for the RAIN! It might still be 70~ degrees outside – at night – in October, nearly November, but thank you, thank you, thank you for the Rain! My little garden appreciated very much the 1/2″ You freely bestowed upon it. (And I’m praying mightily that it’s bringing a cold front, knowing my back is gonna protest; if I wanted 70ish degree weather year-round, I’d move to the Keys or some tropical island.)

Tomorrow plans include physical therapy, getting an approximate cost on 4 tires for my truck while I’m in town, and then working on my store; don’t know if it’ll go live tomorrow, but I got a bunch a pictures taken today of stuff that will be for sale (my awesome score from Goodwill, but you’ll just have to wait!), and my sis-in-law is proof-reading the burp cloth crochet pattern I wrote.

Good night, world!