Long story VERY short, I got my truck back yesterday, in perfect (well, as perfect as an almost 15-year-old vehicle with over 200,000 miles can be) working condition, AND 4 new tires 😀 (Before we proceed, take a look at that picture over there on the right-hand side of your screen. Yes, that’s really my natural hair color. ) So, I get in my truck (I haven’t driven it in about 6 months, not that that excuses what I’m fixing to tell you), and go to crank it up.

Foot on brake, key in ignition – turn key, nothing. “HUH?!?”

“Oh, yeah!” Foot on brake, key in ignition, FOOT ON CLUTCH, turn key, “I am such a blonde” 😉

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, my truck is a manual transmission, aka “a stick shift.” The vehicles’ I’ve been driving over the last 6 months have all been automatics. I have SO missed driving my stick shift!