Time to finish my tale before the next Sunday is upon us….

The church supper was fabulous as always – say what you want, but Southern Baptists in South Georgia can COOK! There was the typical fried chicken, the Pumpkin Sloppy Joes I took, Mama’s Autumn Yum, pecan pie, 10 layer chocolate cake, this yummy delicious creamy coconut and pecan topped pie, rolls, cornbread, butterbeans, peas, corn, macaroni and cheese, various and assorted casseroles, and just general yummy goodness 😉 And of course you can’t forget the awesome fellowship of chatting with your table neighbors!

Then we had a church conference, but I’ll skip that part because it was boring – necessary, but boring.

After that, we were blessed with a free concert from the Brass Ensemble at a local college! It was fabulous 😀 2 trumpets, 1 tuba (not a sousaphone, a real tuba; I’ll get to why this is important later), and 2 trombones. Funny aside – only the trombones were actually brass, the other 3 were silver! They played several songs, some hymns, some classical, some contemporary – all beautiful, well-played, and everybody enjoyed it.

ESPECIALLY Teddy! He’s been saying for a couple years now that when he’s old enough for band (6th grade, he’s currently in 4th), he wants to play the tuba. Thank you, VeggieTale’s “Gideon Tuba Warrior.” 😉

I’m just glad we’ve got 18 months or so for Teddy to keep growing INTO that tuba!

Now to our fun fact lesson of the day: John Phillips Sousa – you know, the famous marching band composer and such, decided the tuba players needed something much easier to carry. So he created the sousaphone – which is what MOST of us think of when we think tuba. The sousaphone wraps around the player. I found a picture that shows both together:


And this picture shows why it would be so hard to march around carrying one of these

And because I just love my veggies ;-), I found one of Larry playing the sousaphone!

“You’ll play the guitar”

“But Bob, I don’t have any hands”

“Well, you’ll play this”

“Oh, alright, but they better not laugh….”