Bad blogger, bad, bad, bad 😉

Life just got really crazy as it can do sometimes, and I hope to have time to blog about stuff-n-such later on today (unless the school calls me to sub, which would be FABULOUS!).

Possible bloggy ideas:

– last Sunday’s (not yesterday) sermon synopsis, which I was gonna do a week ago because it really spoke to me, but then I got called to sub 😀

-pictures of that oh-so-yummy supper I was telling you about before I went silent

-the South Georgia Growing Local Conference I went to on Saturday!!!!! Made some great connections, learned a whole lotta interesting stuff, and found some more internet groups I need to join/keep track of. I’ll let ya know more about the Okravores as I learn myself 😉

There, I think I’ve got myself covered if I can’t get back and talk about what I want.  And it’s very difficult to type with a very determined dog sticking his snout under your hands while you type because he wants to play. Doesn’t he realize it’s too early in the morning for that?

Have a blessed day!