I have a rare extra few minutes, so here’s an update on what’s been going on since January. (Disclaimer – I’d like for there to be pix, but those are what take forever, so, sorry, you’ll just have to Google stuff, I guess :shrug )

My “I love my job” has turned into an absolute dream job! I’m officially still doing taxes, but about 6 weeks ago or so, tax business really started slowing down, and spring inventory really started to pick up … ummm, let me back up a bit further.

My boss (wonderful lady, love her!) has a local tax office. She and her husband own the local feed/hardware store. (Somewhere in the archives – time again, or I’d go digging for the link to it – is a blog post where I actually talk about The General Store; that’s the place 🙂 )

So, as I was saying, tax business started slowing down, and spring inventory started really coming in, and another pair of computer-knowledgeable hands to get said inventory into the computer was wanted, so I got drafted! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It can be crazy hectic at times when the store is filled with customers, and there’s an office (or a warehouse) full of inventory that needs to be put into the computer, but that’s the nature of the beast. Oh, and I forgot to mention – the C’s have 3 kids of their own, a 7- and 6- year old girl, and a 9-month old girl. So if Teddy has to come to work with me, that’s perfectly ok, because odds are good their girls will be also. And how cool is it (I know, not everybody would think so, but I enjoy it) that part of my job description is “Here, hold the baby.” 😉

Side benefits of working where I do – I get a dozen farm fresh eggs about every week (whenever I run out, I just ask for more).  But in about 5 – 6 more months, I won’t need to ask. I bought chickens! Don’t know yet if I have boys or girls, I (currently) have 4 total – 2 Aracauna’s (break out google again; these are the ones that lay the Easter Eggs), and 2 bantams (smaller chickens). My bantams, based on my own google searches, are 1 each Silver Sebright, and 1 either B.B. Red (also know as Cubalaya which I stated in an earlier post as a chicken that I want 😀 ) or Silver Duckwing (which is just a cool name 😉 ). The hatchery the store orders from sends bantams not only as straight run (they won’t separate the boys from the girls) but as assorted bantams, which means there are all kinds of breeds too. My bantam that’s an either/or also brings new meaning to the term “small” – it is TINY compared not only to the full-size (but still growing) chickens, but also to the other bantam. We are getting in more chickens in 3 weeks, though 😀 This batch will be all pullets (all hens – 90% accuracy says the hatchery), and I plan to get 2 more Aracauna. We’re also getting in just a few more of the assorted, straight run bantams. If I see anymore with the markings of my cute itty-bitty biddy 😉  (which is why I picked that one – it was just so cute!) I plan to get those also.

I LOVE my chickens! They are finally starting to make the occasional “cluck” noise, instead of just the “peep” of a baby bird noise. I love to go sit and just watch my “chickie birds” as I call them, or sometimes I call ’em “the clucks.” Very relaxing to me to just sit and watch.

I am also the proud (wasn’t so sure about that til last night, but that’s a whole other L-O-N-G story we won’t go into) owner of 4 Khaki Campbell ducks (go google that one 😉 ) – they’re almost 5 weeks old now and they’re HUGE! Still not ready for the pond though, which is why I bought them (so we’d have ducks in the pond). So my stinky – yet loveable – ducks are hanging out in the dog kennel in the back yard for a while longer. Gotta wait til they’re fully feathered so they have the best chance of getting away from the natural predators we have around here (coyote, fox, owl, etc). And in the meantime, I fill the water tub once a day, and the food dish twice a day (who knew ducks ate so much?!?), and supplement with the earliest of the spring vegetables that didn’t sell at the store that we know nobody’s gonna buy (like, ummm, say, broccoli that’s already bolted 😉 ) And should they truly survive and thrive, I discovered by reading my “Encyclopedia of Country Living” (go google that one, too, if you don’t know about that book) I did good, because they are the best egg laying ducks! And I just bought ’em cuz they were cute 🙂 (One of the kids that comes into the store calls them “Chocolate Ducks” and they name has stuck for us.) My ducks are (not always affectionately) known as “The Quack Pack,” and it’s been nice to actually hear some quacks instead of just baby bird “cheeps.”

So, I love my job, and I know own critters 🙂 There was a little more I wanted to cover, but I gotta get ready to go to work! One last thing though – 28 March made 9 months smoke-free!!!!

(not previewing, just hitting post, so please forgive any typos)