And to top everything else off (I wrote the previous post a couple weeks ago and scheduled   it to post today), ALL my chickens that got moved to the back yard have moved on to their final reward, thanks to some unnamed predator 😦 And I was really enjoying watching my Ameracauna rooster strut around, too.

I do have 7 more biddies/bitties (baby chickens for those of you not from the south) on the front porch under a heat lamp at night – 3 pullets: 1 Ameracauna, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Australorp, and 4 bantams – don’t know boys / girls or breeds, although 3 I highly believe to be BB Reds, and 1 is a feather footed something. Now to figure out how to predator proof the chicken coop in 2-3 more weeks so I can safely move them out there. Contemplating getting either a Golden Comet or a Barred Rock pullet – last 2 breeds we have in stock here at the hardware/feed store. Well, we still have lots of RIR’s, but I already have one of those.

‘Course, my 4 very stupid – very cute, but very stupid ducks are thriving! I promise a post of pics with the ducks eventually just because they are so cute. Might just be learning to like duck eggs, since whatever the predator is (possum is what we’re leaning towards) has left the ducks alone. Although, either way, still got another 4 months or so before either ducks start laying eggs, and another 5 or so before the biddies I have left start laying.

Signing off now,