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The Dream Evolves

Howdy, y’all! In looking back over last year’s entries, I realized I didn’t blog very much, and when I did, it was largely negative. I plan to change that πŸ™‚

I’ve been doing more research on sustainable living, and I have discovered earthbags! I think for hot, humid south Georgia, this will be a much better medium than bale-cob with which to build my home. Better adapted for the humidity, and I don’t think acquiring used feed bags will be a problem! I’ve seen a couple sites where people built a raised-bed planter as the first project, like this one, or this. The 2nd one is more true to the purpose of what I want – a garden to grow vegetables in πŸ™‚


To-do Today

Teddy taken to school – check

Garden watered – check

Go to dentist for 6 month cleaning (blech)Β  – and I know there’s at least one tooth that’s gonna be coming out, too :((Root canal/crown just ain’t in my budget… but hey, it makes cleaning “the back of the backs” a whole lot easier – thinking positive)

Go to Goodwill and try and find pants for son who won’t stop growing! This will make 4 pant sizes in 6 months for him – he keeps going bigger around the middle, waiting on him to shoot up to match….

Go to shoe store for Mama and see if they carry her sneakers, or if she’s got to order them online (who knew Reebok Classic Leathers would be so hard to find?)

Be back in time to pick Teddy up from school

Take Teddy back to town for 4-H BB practice

Come back home with kidd0 and eat supper

And somewhere in there this afternoon, talk to a lady about a job possibility; for my prayer warrior friends, PLEASE be praying that I find a job. Thanks πŸ™‚

Type up rules/chores/rewards list for Teddy

And being totally honest here, type up chore list for me too (cleaning is the bane of my existence, and an area I know I need to let God do a lot of work in me)

Want to do:

Blog post with pix of yummy apple butter for breakfast πŸ˜‰

At least get cooked, if not canned, tomato sauce

Hauling dirt for garden

Type up crochet burp cloth pattern so I’ve got it to sell in my store

Create said store


Y’all have a blessed day!

Quick Update

My pillows are calling my name, so this will be short and sweet.

Teddy and I got some more gardening done today. More stuff to put containers on, and scrounging of containers to put dirt in, and lugging dirt, and some more broccoli starts in the dirt. Pix in a future post (prolly NOT tomorrow *sigh*).

Also, yesterday, I did score my free used tires πŸ˜€ The kitties are really thinking I’ve built them a jungle-gym now! Again, pix coming soon.

And I won the CSN stores $75 gift card giveaway sponsored by Thy Hand Hath Provided’s blog! I’m awaiting the Fed-Ex and UPS trucks to bring me the steam canner, canning kit (funnel, lid lifter, tongs, etc), and the fancy jars I ordered πŸ˜€

Good night y’all, and God bless!

What was thatΒ plant?

Ok, so in a previous post, I asked if anybody could “name that plant.” Well, it’s been named πŸ˜€

It is indeed a Wandering Jew plant, as was suggested in the comments. It’s a different variety, though, than what Mama currently has. The above variety is called the Purple Heart WJ. (I’ll spare you scientific names, largely because in looking on three different websites, I couldn’t find 3 identical scientific names….)

This is a pic of what we have, the variegated Wandering Jew:

You can see why I was skeptical to believe that the two could be the same thing πŸ™‚

And, just because I’m awesome like that, when Teddy said “take a pic of me” as I was taking a pic of the Wj just now, I did! It looks a mite fuzzy because the screen on the porch is between me and him πŸ˜‰

Y’all have a blessed Sunday!

Luggin’ Dirt

So I thought I’d share with you the path I take in order to bring dirt up to my garden πŸ™‚

(I was originally gonna include this in yesterday’s part 2 post, but I got tired of inserting pix)

As a reminder, I have to walk all the way back into the woods, WA-A-AY back there to go dig dirt.

This pic is taken from the back corner of the lean-to. (See, I told you it was a boat!) Looks even farther away now, doesn’t it!

This is the tall grass I must walk through (at least to take the shortest route). In case you don’t remember, tall grass is to be avoided when at all possible because it houses creepy crawly things like SNAKES which I don’t like. But I like even less hauling dirt any farther than I have to. Note the path I’m making for myself πŸ˜‰

Just for perspective sake,Β  this is me standing just behind the boat looking back up towards my garden. If it’ll let you click on the picture, and you look really close, you can see the dog crate some of my stuff is sitting on through the lean-to supports.

Now, turn approx 90* right, walk forward just a bit, and this is what you see:

I suwannee, sometimes I think I could build me a brick house with all the bricks and brick pieces that are scattered throughout the woods. Teddy, wonderful kid that he is, found this shortcut for when we’re working together – it’s just before the big long limb laying at the top of the hill in the previous pic! He turns in here with the buggy (he’s still just short enough to fit under that oak branch), and I take the long way around with the shovels. For now (until I can remember to get down there with the lopers and trim up that limb), if I’m by myself, I go the long route.

I think I was standing just beyond the downed limb at the top of the hill in this one. There used to be a gate here, way back when my Dad had cattle. The big brown “tree trunk” on the left side isn’t a tree trunk, but the other gate post; the limbs hanging down are from some tree really close. This is where I turn when taking the long route.

I usually turn on the inside of the post, but for a reference point, I turned outside it to get it in the pic. We’re ALMOST there; just beyond the pile of brambles/limbs on the ground on the right side is where I get to dig!

We’ve got these little yellow wildflowers EVERYWHERE (aren’t they pretty?), but I adore the purple ones! And I wouldn’t have discovered them if not for “the long route.”


When I dig by myself, I do it on this end. When Teddy’s with me and we take the shortcut, we dig at the upper end. If you look closely at the top middle, you can see the boat through the trees.

And then I get to repeat my steps with a buggy (half) full of dirt πŸ˜€


Laboring for my veggies – part 2

I had hoped to do this as a slide show, but I don’t have a photo-editing software that lets me add captions, so I get to insert all these pix with the caption I want one at a time πŸ™‚

To (almost) quote Bocephus, “Country girl can survive” – enjoy!

My onion “bed”. Okay, so I know they’re not quite planted at 4″ x 12″ spacing, but this fits more in. Not tremendously visible in this pic, but this a re-purposed wheelbarrow (plastic) that the wheels quit spinning on, and it was just sitting under the shed. My wonderful helper did a great job planting all those onions, didn’t he! (And this was after working at the 4-H thing for an hour, then piano lesson, AND helping me to get a load of dirt!)

My butter crunch bibb lettuce. Notice the re-used plastic nursery buckets (1 plant each), and the re-purposed old dish washing tub (2 plants) – they’re sitting on top of an old heavy duty Rubbermaid-type storage tub.

My spearmint! (re-used planter)

Orange mint (re-used gardening container)

Lemonbalm! (Didn’t realize until after I bought it just how useful and wonderful it is; I just knew it was an herb and smelled good πŸ˜‰ reused clay pot)

My broccoli plants (at least the 9 that are planted….) Don’t know what really the 2 big galvanized? stainless? tubs are, but there 2 laying around, and I knew Daddy used them for gardening, too.Β  The biggest container on top of the dog crate (inventive re-purposing for getting stuff up off the ground, don’t ya think? the other plants are the previously shown mints and lemonbalm) also has broccoli. These are the same 9 plants that I showed in the part 1 post all planted in one of those big metal tubs. The two metal tubs are top of another heavy-duty Rubbermaid bin.

Using a wooden planter box? that was under the shed to plant 3 more butter crunch in. And yes, that’s a handicap shower chair they’re sitting on (that shed is yielding more and more wonderful finds….)

The last 2 butter crunch (in case you were counting to 9 to make sure I got them all), in a hanging metal pot/bucket of some sort. It is on the ground, but is light enough I can pick it up. Also hope to get something else out there to put more stuff on top of. Also on top of the massively rusted 55-gallon drum, are the herbs I talked about planting here)

The oregano planted in a re-used dish garden

My sweet basil, planted in the “Puppy Pot” I received from my wonderful friends Wendy and Mama-2 (Wendy’s Mom, I call her Mama-2 because she’s, well, like a 2nd mother to me :-)) It’s a bit rusted and “dog-eared” where the paint has started peeling, but I love it just the same, and am glad to finally have something to plant in it. (The planter was new 18 months ago when I got it, btw, but it’s sat out in the rain and weather, simply because I enjoy looking at it.)

My rosemary πŸ™‚ The only other thing in a real clay pot; the rest are plastic look-a-likes….

The wonderful yellow wheeled buggy I couldn’t be doing this without. I’ve discovered I can 1/2-fill it with dirt and comfortably pull it without straining my back. Then there’s the big shovel (I use that one), and the Teddy-sized shovel (we both use that one πŸ˜‰ It’s easier to get dirt out of the buggy and into the smaller pots with the smaller shovel. I haven’t managed to find a trowel yet, but actually planting the starts has been easy since shoveling the dirt has loosened it, and it’s mostly sand, so digging it by hand isn’t a big deal.

(I know, it’s a smidge blurry….) My garden from what I think of as the “front.” Note my raised-bed pallet garden frame in the background.

And the back view πŸ™‚

One tired helper! (Whom I suspected was and know now to be sick.) The sweatshirt he’s wearing (Go Dawgs!) is just one of the many reasons I love Goodwill – $2.50 for a college-brand good condition sweatshirt πŸ˜€ I’m not one who has to have brand name labels (the brand name in most of my stuff is Faded Glory…), but I’ve gotten him Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Ralph Lauren, etc, all for $2.50 each!

I’ve got blisters!

But that is NOT a complaint πŸ˜€ Actually, they’re the beginning of blisters under the middle and ring fingers on both hands. These are my marks of accomplishment; they mean I have been using the talents, skills, and know-how that God has blessed with me on my journey to become more “God-sufficient.” (I know, I’ve been saying self-sufficient in earlier posts, but I see it as God providing my needs – He’s just using my physical body to do it ;-))

I’m sure tomorrow morning, after taking my son to school, when I go to get that 1st (and all subsequent) shovelful of dirt, I might be tempted to complain, but that’s why I’m posting this, here, right now – to remind myself that for once in my life I got blisters and my first reaction was NOT complaint, but “Cool beans!”

Delight yourself also in the LORD,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4 NKJV

My mom has always taught me that the key to this verse is the “Delight yourself in the Lord” part. If we are trusting in Him, following Him, being obedient to Him, He WILL give us what our hearts desire, because what it is that He has in mind as His perfect plan, what we should do, will become OUR chief desire. (I hope that made sense….)

I’m sure lots of my real-life friends are scratching their heads as they’re reading through my blog. “Wait, what?Β  Beth, GARDENING?!? INTENTIONALLY?!?” I have said to so many people over the years that gardening is the bane of my existence, and I can tell you why. My Mom LOVED to garden (flowers mostly) as long as I can remember, and I can remember feeling like her little personal garden slave!Β  So once I moved out, I avoided any and everything that had to do with putting anything into dirt, anything growing in dirt, etc. I had a Peace Lily in my house and that was it – it lets you know when it needs to be watered, you water it, and it perks right back up. That was the extent of my level of interest or desire of involvement.

I can also tell you that for many years (unfortunately) my motto was “I’m selfish and lazy, but at least I’m honest about it.” THAT is definitely not a Christian attitude! But that’s who I was 😦 Thank GOD, He is changing me! I’ve always loved the saying “God likes you the way you are, but He loves you too much to leave you that way” πŸ™‚ I’m so glad I’ve allowed God to work in my life, so glad I’m letting Him change me! It’s NOT easy, and sometimes, it’s down-right emotionally painful, but it is definitely worth it. Teddy gladly quickly finishes his snack and any homework in record time because he WANTS to come outside and help get the garden going – and with my back, he is a HUGE helper, even if it takes a bit because he’s carrying around a kitten until he absolutely has to use both hands for something πŸ˜‰

Okay, I didn’t expect this post to turn into this, but here it is. Hope it helps you in some way or you enjoyed it.

God bless!