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Crochet Openwork Jacket

I’ve been working on this project (on and off) for months now, and I finally finished it! I’m so excited to get to share it with y’all 😀


Ignore the racks of clothes – I was in Dressbarn and took advantage of the full-length mirrors 🙂


I cannot share the pattern as it’s from this book:

And this is what their jacket looks like:


Openwork Jacket


Crocheted sweatband

Well, I did it! I got it crocheted in the time it took to wait in line to pick up Teddy, and while he practiced piano for 30 minutes 🙂 Then we went out and gardened, and I did not get sweat in my eyes, on my glasses (since I decided to not wear my contacts today), or running down my face! Yippee! It works!

If you’re a crocheter, here’s what I did: (gauge isn’t all that important/ aim for abt 1-1/2″ wide)

I used worsted weight cotton yarn and a size F hook; I wanted the fabric to be a little tighter “woven” so it would absorb really well. I used one size smaller hook than what the label called for.

Chain 8, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, and each remaining ch, for a total of 7 hdc. (mine’s between 1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″)

Ch 1, turn, hdc in each stitch across; repeat this row until the headband is as long as you need it.

My head just so happens to be 58 rows around, and then I slip stitched the last row to the foundation chain.

NOTE: I prefer to ch 1, have it not count as a half-double crochet, and then hdc in the very first stitch. But I know a lot of people use ch 2 in place of the 1st hdc, and skip that first stitch. If you are more comfortable doing this/prefer this, by all means use your preferred method. When I do a pattern now that calls for hdc, even if the pattern says the ch 2 method, I do it my way b/c I like it better, and I can’t tell a difference in the finished product.

I used some Bernat Cottontots that I’ve had for YEARS, in a pale yellow color. I like that it’s 100% cotton, so it absorbs really well. I’m sure it’ll wash and wear just fine, but for tonight (until I make more), I took it in the shower with me and washed it with the little bit of shampoo left on my hands after soaping my hair up. Now it’s hanging up drying, so it’ll be ready to go tomorrow 🙂 You could probably use leftover acrylic yarn for this too, but I just don’t think it would absorb as good.

To Do list update: I also got PLAN B executed, and some more of the herbs planted too! (That’s how I know it WORKS!) Tomorrow’s plan is to get more (hopefully all) of the broccoli and butter crunch planted, and onions too, and to get pictures of my re-planted and newly planted lovelies online 🙂

Done did and to do ;-)

Ok, top priority on my to do list: make myself a sweat band! I’ve got gobs of cotton yarn, it shouldn’t be too hard to crochet a strip then connect the edges, but I am SO tired of having to wipe the sweat off my face (when my hands are free), having it drip down my face, or worst of all – into my eyes and/or onto my glasses (if I’m not wearing my contacts). Don’t know if I’m just a heavy sweater, or if it’s because I’ve been so sedentary for so long that I’ve got a lot of toxins that need sweating out (if you know me in real life, you know that it really is God that has me out gardening and interested in a more sustainable lifestyle), or what, but I’m especially tired of the sweat dripping into my eyes. I can solve this problem here in a bit while waiting in the pick-up line at school to get Teddy 🙂 (All the teachers are surprised if they open the door to put him in and I’m NOT crocheting something ;-))

Next on to-do list is PLAN B. I’ve decided for my broccoli starts that (as with my pallet raised bed frame) just to re-do it. It won’t kill my poor little broccoli plants to be dug back up – specially since I’ve got to do it with at least 1/2 of them anyway and replant them, and then transfer the dirt to another container that’s ALREADY at the height I want it. This determined redneck, err, country girl  😉 is ready to get the rest the broccoli, the lettuce, the onions, and the herbs planted, and I’ve GOT to have the wheeled buggy to haul dirt.

Now on to the done did list: (okay, so redneck might be the more appropriate term, I like to let my roots show every now and again :D) Tried all kinds of ways to get that container up to where I want it by myself – levering it with a piece of wood, walking it up a wood bridge, and since you know PLAN B is on my to do list, I obviously wasn’t successful.

I DID get the sweet basil planted (single 8″ metal pot in a stand shaped like a dog – gift from wonderful friends), and the Italian oregano planted (recycling a plastic dish garden container received when Daddy died). I didn’t realize until today that I actually got TWO of the oregano plants, so they’re planted together. For my herbs, that leaves my rosemary, and my mints – spearmint, and orange mint. I THINK from something I read on Mother Earth News that the lemon balm (which my sister-in-law assures me REALLY does work against skeeters – when they would go out at night, they would just bruise a few leaves, and be left alone) is in the mint family too. And I also learned that (don’t have time to re-check it now or I would) that either the spearmint or the basil will keep the deer from enjoying MY veggies!

Last, but not least, on this done did list – get this post done!

Have a blessed day, y’all 😀