Because I needed a warm fuzzy 🙂

Yup! That’s us, just your average, ordinary “country pumpkins!” (I LOVE Hobby Lobby!) This hangs by the front door.

Also inside the front porch is this pretty basket of daisy mums; Mama loves daisies, and so this was perfect 🙂

If you look REAL close, you can see the itty-bitty gecko on the screen just above the plant. If you start on the left side of the plant going across the back, count about 10-12 blooms, and it’s above that one.

Again, more fun at Hobby Lobby 😉 A metal corn, pumpkin, and leaf pinwheel (top right corner of gate). Mama likes to decorate for fall – can ya tell? This gate is right beside the front entry to the house. (That’s what the wooden post is, the stair railing up to the front porch.) Mama just told me today that the gate is family history – it’s THE gate from the original Tuten home in Savannah. (“Wait, I hadn’t told you or Ellen that? Y’all need to know all this family history stuff!”  I also love the gate, because I love pert near anything wrought iron!)

ahhhh – beautiful fall colors! (Just wait til the sugar maple starts turning colors – I’ll make sure to post pictures of that beauty!)

This is the beautiful field across the street. I love all the pretty purple wildflowers! The picture didn’t turn out as nice as I hoped, but when can we ever capture God’s handiwork and have it look as good as the Creator made it?

Also, meet Bailey 🙂 He IS a house dog, pretty little spoiled Sheltie that he is, but we love him!

This is a spider lily (and unintended self-portrait!). They were Daddy’s favorite plant, and Mama was very happy and in need of a pick-me-up when I spotted it blooming the other day. She says she’s intended to move it for several years, but in the spring never can find it, since there’s nothing there. Looks like a fall move is in the works 🙂

Another spider lily pic I played with, instead of just cropping


Hope y’all enjoy the warm fuzzy as much as I did. Now off I go to pick up Mr. Teddy from AWANA!