So, when I went into town to drop Teddy off at school, I drove the couple more blocks over to the high school. (Yes, I’m that rural; there’s one elementary school in the county, and one middle/high school in the county, and there not very far apart, either. And yes, it’s one of those towns that if THE red light is green and you blink, you’ve missed it.)

I am now the proud owner of my unofficial (‘cuz it’s not sealed) official high school transcript (complete with pre-911 address on it – yeah, we JUST had to finish making those changes for the Post Office this year! But that’s another blog post entirely ;-)) I also have an official copy all sealed up nice and pretty in the envelope just in case the one they’re going to mail to the college disappears.

AND, (today is the 14 week anniversary of back surgery) as I’m feeling pretty good, I also informed the front office that I am good to go for subbing again 😀 (So PLEASE call me; she said don’t worry, she will!)

Back to college-y stuff 😉 So then I drove over to the Health Department to have them sign the immunization certificate. And yes, back to rural, small-town wonderfulness, they knew exactly who I was the moment I walked in the door, and the lady who filled out the info on my MMR dates is in all likelihood the nurse who stuck me with ’em about 32 years ago!

I figured out last night looking at the form that I was going to need a shot – bummer. Hep B didn’t apply to me since I’m over 19, the chicken pox vaccine stuff started for if you were born in 1980 (my sister had to do it, but not me :D), and they hid the TDap booster stuff at the bottom of the column with all the MMR info, so the last time I looked at the form, I missed seeing it. It’s been 13 years since I’d had a tetanus booster (sliced my foot open while in college the last time, 13 stitches and severed a nerve – still can’t feel 1/2 of one of my toes…. but now you know why I remember how long its been). So as I’m walking into the building, they’ve got bright yellow signs up “ask if you qualify for free shots” and the TDap was one of the them. Of course I asked what I had to do to qualify for a free shot, since free is ALWAYS in my budget, and even though she never did tell me what the qualifying factor is for free, I got my shot for free 🙂 SCORE! If you’ve got to get stuck…

I’m just praising God I didn’t need to drive to my primary doctor (35 minutes one way) to get the shot, and I’m getting that much closer to being able to go back to school in January 😀