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Happy Leap Day!

Since it will be 4 more years before I have another chance to blog about it, I’d like give mention to this Leap Day of 2012. I didn’t do anything out-of-the ordinary; it was just another “normal” day for me. How ’bout y’all?


Pinterest Curls

I’ve fallen in love with Pinterest. It’s even more addictive than Facebook! There’s always something new and wonderful, no matter what your hobby, fashion style, architectural preference, etc. But this blog post is about something more specific. In particular, two different “how to” hairstyle pins that I’ve tried, and am now comparing for all to see. Hope this helps you on your no-heat curl journey 🙂

Click on the links below to see the blog-pages I found on Pinterest. Note – I don’t  use hairspray or gel. I do wet my ends with spray-in/leave-in conditioner before putting in the sock bun or the headband.

And now, a pictorial comparison of sock bun curls (I don’t need a bobby pin) and  headband curls (watch the tutorial video!):

Hard “Boiled” Egg

I just have to share this with y’all. I’ve stumbled on the absolute easiest way to hard-boil an egg. EVER!

See, all you do is steam the eggs for 15 minutes – from when the water starts boiling – instead of boiling them. And when they’re cool enough to handle (I sped this bit up by placing the eggs in cool water), you start peeling them. I peeled 6 eggs in less than 5 minutes! And not a nick, not a scratch, was to be found!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never perfectly peeled one hard-boiled egg, much less six. I’ve even read that this works on fresh-from-the chicken eggs, which are notoriously the hardest to peel.

(You’re welcome 😀 )

Edited to add pictures, and to note that I peeled 10 eggs (didn’t look at the clock until I’d already peeled 2) in 5 minutes. Also, using this method, you can cook more than a single layer. My steamer only holds 8 eggs in one layer, and I decided to try this because I got tired of cooking two batches.