‘Cuz I think so far there’s only been one of them, but even more importantly because I finally figured out how to insert the individual pix where I want them instead of having them all bunched in one place like my first crafty post.

So, I had some things I wanted to sew, but all Wallie-world had was white, white, white. No lovely creamish/tannish color. What’s a girl to do? Go over to the laundry aisle, and buy a bottle of Rit dye, that’s what! Don’t know if you can actually read the bottle, but I got “tan.”

There are 2-1/2 yards of terry cloth, and approx 80″ each of 2 different kinds of lace. A cotton crochet lace (that doesn’t show up well in this pic, far left side), and something NOT cotton that’s more what we thing of when we think lace. That’s what came out “brown” – not tan – brown. Thankfully, it still works as I want it to, and my time and money weren’t wasted. Since I know you’re curious, I re-wet one end of the terry cloth to show the difference in the darkness of how the material looks wet vs. dry.

This is a more close-up pic, and you can see the crochet lace better.

Now I’ve officially blogged about my first dyeing experience, and there will be posts in the future about what was made with the lace and terry cloth 😉 (Gotta give ya some reason to keep coming back!)

God bless!